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Somaya Langley

University of Sydney
Digital Curation Manager
Sydney, Australia
Somaya Langley has a background in the arts and culture, broadcast, festivals, information technology, archives and libraries. The past two decades of her career is reflected in having worked at each stage of the digital content production lifecycle. She prefers to take a holistic approach towards the stewarding of digital content. Somaya has created and produced interactive digital audiovisual installations and performances, as well as having undertaken acquisition, archiving and preservation of born-digital and complex born-digital content.

Having worked at the nexus of art, culture, society and technology, she has been fortunate to work in several countries including Australia, Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom, for national and state libraries and archives, academic institutions, broadcasters and not-for-profit arts organisations. She was employed on the Digital Preservation Oxford and Cambridge (DPOC) project and is now Digital Curation Manager at the University of Sydney.

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