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Juan Ignacio Lahoz Rodrigo

Valencian Film Archive
Head of Conservation
València (Spain)
D. JUAN IGNACIO LAHOZ RODRIGO is head of conservation of the Filmoteca Valenciana (Institut Valencià de Cultura), responsible for the restaurations, preservation, storage and cataloguing of the film materials and also is in charge of the equipment and software for the film collections.
Lahoz is the main researcher of Filmoteca Valenciana-IVC at the Nemosine EU funded project, particularly involved in the definition of user requirements and specifications for the NEMOSINE packages. He was also the Filmoteca Valenciana main researcher for the EU funded project EFG1914.
He coordinated the Spanish editions of the dissemination workshops of the EU funded projects EDCine (2009) and of the “Promoting the use of the European Metadata Standars for the Interoperability of filmographic databases (CEN/TC372) (2011), both in Valencia.
He has coordinated the Filmoteca Valenciana and Filmoteca Española works for the consolidation of the preservation of filmography of the Spanish filmmaker Luis García Berlanga.
In 2005 Lahoz directed the project of safeguarding of the valencian producer company Films H.B. Cuesta, which included the reintegration and restoration of their remaining films, the congress “With regard to Cuesta. Ist. Congress on the beginnings of the Spanish cinema (1896-1920) and the publication of its works (2010).
He has a degree in Geography and History by the Universitat de València (1986) and he is also a cinematographical historian specialized in the Valencian film history.