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Pedro Félix

Instituto de Etnomusicologia / FCSH-UNL
integrated researcher
Lisboa - Portugal
Pedro Félix is a researcher at INET-MD since 1997, at Instituto de História Contemporânea since 2013, and collaborates with the Fado Museum since 2005. He has developed fieldwork on musical groups in Portugal, technology, phonographic publishing industry, sound heritage. This work was presented for several scientific publications, to support the coordination of the Enciclopédia da Música em Portugal no Século XX, for which he wrote more than 50 entries (in the fields of pop rock and Fado) and its PhD thesis on musical practice in the context of industrial production. Pedro Félix was part of the research team responsible for the preparation of the Fado proposal to UNESCO’s ICH list, developing and coordinating the fieldwork and the identification of historical phonographic Fado heritage. He curated an exhibition for Museu do Fado (Óscar Cardoso. A guitar Maker).
Currently coordinates the digitisation program of the music collection of the Museum of Fado, part of the ICH safeguard program, and co-produced a multi-part relational database for phonograms (among other databases). He is writing on phonographic digitising processes and expertise acquired through this project. Recently, he was co-coordinator of the european HeritaMus project (JPI-CH/ ERA-Net programs) (http://heritamus.fcsh.unl.pt/).
Published several music CD of historical sound recordings that he digitized and restored.
He is a teacher at Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas in the field of Ethnographic methods, on the Musicology department and Post-graduation on
Studies of Popular Music. Now gives a seminar on Music in Portugal in the XXth century and ethnographic methods.